A Complete Guide to Wedding Photography

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There are various genres or niches in photography. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can choose one of the genres to specialize in. Wedding photography is a popular photography niche that is also lucrative. It involves taking photographs of weddings. Every couple would love to capture the special moments at their wedding.

As a wedding photographer, you can showcase your photography skills while taking the best photographs. If the idea of being a wedding photographer interests you, then go through our guide. We tell you all you need to know about wedding photography.

What is Wedding Photography?

As the name itself suggests, wedding photography is taking photographs of events and people at a wedding. It can involve taking photos of the wedding ceremony and getting portraits of the couple and g

Guests. It also involves capturing candid moments from the wedding and can include the engagement and reception. If you can prove your abilities, it is a very lucrative niche to work in.

Resources needed

You will need resources to be a wedding photographer. This includes:

  1. A good quality camera, preferably DSLR or mirrorless. You may need more than one camera to capture the wedding from different angles.
  2. A drone camera if you want to get a top view of the wedding.
  3. Good quality lighting equipment, especially while shooting indoors.
  4. A tripod.
  5. Different types of lenses, depending on the photos you want to shoot and the location.
  6. Bag(s) to carry your equipment.
  7. Spare memory cards in case you run out of space.
  8. Spare batteries and/or a battery charger.
  9. A laptop to use for editing.
  10. Software for editing photos and adding effects.
  11. Printer to print the photos, if you want to give away printed photos.

How to get started?

Apart from the resources listed above, you also need to have top-notch photography skills. You cannot expect to start wedding photography without knowing the basics of photography. You should have learned and practiced photography. Knowledge of advanced photography techniques is essential since the couple would expect the best quality photos.

Ideally, you should start by working as an assistant. Look for a professional wedding photographer and offer your services. Since you are learning, you can even offer to work for free for a couple of weddings. Accompany them and watch how they compose photos and plan the entire shoot. Learn on the job, which is the best way of learning.

Once you are confident of your abilities, you can get started on your own. Anyone getting married would prefer an experienced photographer. However, your family and friends may be willing to give you a chance. You can also consider shooting for free or for a very low fee initially. This will help you gain experience and build a portfolio.

Creating a portfolio

In any form of commercial photography, the portfolio is the key. A portfolio is a record of your work. You need to create an album showcasing the best photos you have taken at weddings. Of course, you need to take the permission of the client before using it. You will need both a printed portfolio, and a digital portfolio.

You can upload the digital portfolio to your website or your social media account. Use social media extensively to share photos from your work. This will help you let people know of your skills. If the photos are good, they would get shared. People who are interested in hiring a wedding photographer can then get in touch with you. You would need to decide on your pricing. Study the market and then set prices. Remember that pricing plays a key role.

Wedding photography: The work

Once you get an order, you need to start working on it. Here are some tips that explain how to go ahead with wedding photography.

  • It may not be possible to do the entire work yourself. You may need the help of a friend, or you can hire an assistant.
  • Spend time planning the shoot. Talk to the couple and understand their requirements. Plan for the photos you would shoot based on their needs. You can show them examples, so they decide what they want.
  • Apart from shooting at the wedding, there may be pre-wedding shoots at outdoor locations. You need to plan well for all these.
  • On the big day, ensure you are ready with all your equipment. Have backup equipment ready, so you don’t miss out in case something doesn’t work.
  • You need to be alert, so you don’t miss out on capturing special moments.
  • Get portrait photos, group photos, and candid photos to create a great wedding album.

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